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PEMALL HFC-227ea – (CF3CHFCF3 – heptafluoropropane) is a compound that consists of carbon, fluorine and hydrogen. It is colorless, odorless and electrically non-conductive. PEMALL HFC-227ea is stored as a liquid in stainless-steel containers and pressurized with nitrogen to 360 psi & 500 psi to increase its discharge flow characteristics. When discharged, PEMALL HFC-227ea will suppress via discharge nozzles and effectively mix with the air throughout the protected area, perfectly suited to protect high value assets in areas that may be normally occupied, in locations where clean-up of other agents is difficult. Its ASHRAE nomenclature the way it is designated in the NFPA 2001 clean agent is HFC-227ea.

HFC-227ea has a gas pressure of 3.91 bar at 20°C, that positively affects a fast evaporation at the nozzle and the fast distribution in the room. PEMALL HFC-227ea is neither corrosive nor electrically conductive and causes no damage or residues at sensitive electronic components.  HFC-227ea absorbs the heat of the flame and interrupts thereby the combustion reaction. So, the extinguishing effect is caused for the most part physically and for a small part chemical.

The EPA Significant New Alternative Program (SNAP) lists HFC-227ea as acceptable for occupied spaces. NFPA Standard 2001 and SNAP list certain guidelines & limitations for human exposure to the discharge of PEMALL HFC-227ea into a hazard, since it may reduce visibility for a brief period and may cause frostbite if liquid discharge or escaping vapour contacts the skin.


Discharged < 10 secs
Leave no residue
Zero ozone-depleting potential

Chemical Characteristics

Electrically non-conductive
Boiling Point: -16.4° C / 2.48° F

Safety Considerations

PEMALL HFC-227ea Clean Agent is applied as a gas, but is super-pressurised liquid gas at room temperature, PEMALL HFC-227ea Clean Agent has been tested and verified to be safe for use in occupied spaces when used as specified in the U.S. EPA Significant and New Alternative Policy (SNAP) rules. Tests have proven that exposure to PEMALL HFC-227ea Clean Agent is safe and effective in extinguishing fires at low concentrations; all of which are well below the EPA’s maximum exposure levels.

The EPA Significant New Alternative Program (SNAP) lists  HFC-227ea Clean Agent as acceptable for occupied spaces, NFPA Standard 2001 and SNAP list the following guidelines for human exposure:

PEMALL HFC-227ea Clean Agent has a NOAEL (No Observed Adverse Effect Level) – The highest concentration at which no adverse toxicological or physiological effect has been observed) of 9% v/v with no restrictions. The maximum exposure time shall not exceed five (5) minutes. Avoid any exposure greater than 10.5% v/v LOAEL (Lowest Observable Adverse Effect Level – The lowest concentration at which an adverse physiological or toxicological effect has been observed). The discharge of  PEMALL HFC-227ea Clean Agent into a hazard may reduce visibility for a brief period.

Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Chemical NameHeptafluoropropane (CF3CHFCF3)
GeneralColorless, Odorless Liquified Gas
Molecular Weight170.03
Boiling Point-16.4 °C / 2.48°F
Freezing Point-131°C /-203.8°F
Vapor Pressure @ 21°C/70°F58.8 psia
Critical Temperature101.7°C / 215.1 °F
Critical Pressure (PSI)422.3 PSI
Vapor Density (AIR=1)6.04
Water ReactiveNo
Specific Gravity (H20=1)1.46
Percent Volatile (by volume)n/a
Water Solubility (V/V @ 20°C / 68°F)280 mg/L
Estimated Atmospheric Lifetime (years)31-42
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    Important Note:
    • The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) on PEMALL HFC-227ea Agent should be read and understood prior to working with the agent.
    • A cylinder containing PEMALL HFC-227ea Agent should be handled carefully. The anti-recoil safety device must always be in place when the cylinder is not connected to the discharge piping and restrained.
    • The System to be designed with PEMALL Certified Flow Calc’s Software, installed, maintained and tested by qualified, trained personnel in accordance with the following standards or regulations & System manual.
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