PEMALL Thermal-Flex is a flexible compact fire suppression system that protects small spaces and electrical enclosures. These small hazards can present a particular problem where the risk of fire can result in total loss of equipment or the shut-down of vital services & systems.

The versatile PEMALL Thermal-Flex system provides fire suppression and it is the perfect fit for a wide range of applications.

PEMALL Thermal-Flex also excels in unoccupied inaccessible environments, playing a vital role in critical areas like power generation and the oil and gas industries.

PEMALL Thermal-Flex is a system with many benefits, the system pressurized detection tube is installed in close proximity to the areas of highest risk of fire which means faster detection and suppression of a fire. This linear heat and flame detection method allows for activation at the point of ignition. In the event of a fire or high ambient temperature the detection tube bursts releasing the pressure filled tube allowing the flow PEMALL HFC-227ea or PEMALL FK-5-1-12 fire protection fluid directly into the fire. The system requires no power supply for detection or actuation remaining operational during any power interruptions.


PEMALL Thermal FlexTM Pre-Engineered System can be configured for Direct Action by utilizing Detection Flexible Tubing System that acts as a fire detection device, a nozzle, and a fire suppressant delivery to the hazard. Under this special design, no electrical power, electrical detection devices and alarm control units are used. Where the portion of this special polymer tube nearest to the hottest point of the fire ruptures forming an effective discharge nozzle. The pressure in the cylinder propels the entire contents of the cylinder clean agent through this instant nozzle which is directed to the fire immediately and put it down effectively.


PEMALL Thermal FlexTM Pre-Engineered System valve is designed for Indirect Action Release with connection outlets of Discharge and Detection Tube separately. The Special Polymer Tube is used as a detection device only. When Detection Tubing System open under a fire condition it will operate the main control valve allowing the discharge of fire suppression agent through the discharge port, which is connected to a set of stainless steel tubing or braided hose with special metal nozzle(s) strategically placed within the protected enclosure. This arrangement does not require any electrical power, detection alarm or panel. However, PEMALL Thermal Flex Indirect System has an option to be fitted with an electric solenoid that operates electrically through standard Releasing arrangement of detection devices and panel.

Thermal-Flex System’s Stainless Steel Cylinders have four different sizes; 3LB, 6LB, 12LB and 18LB. At Pemall USA, we make sure that each Stainless Steel Cylinder will undergo intensive hydrostatic tests and quality control that only follows strict and highly reputed regulations and codes. They are manufactured, tested and stamped in accordance with UL 299 and EN 13322-2. The cylinder bodies are offered in Flame Red Color, particularly RAL 3000, or in Shining Mirror Surface.

The Stainless Steel Cylinders ore to be filled with Pemall 227™ or Pemall 5112™ clean agent. The details of the Clean Agent filled such as fill quantity, charging pressure, weight, date of fill, and etc., may be seen on a stainless steel nameplate affixed to the cylinder body.

DAR and IAR Cylinder Sizes for PEMALL HFC227EA
System Temperature: 32oF (0oC) to 130oF (54.4oC)
Operating Pressure: 195 psi  to 70oF (21.1oC)
Model Number
(DAR Head Valve)
Model Number
(IAR Head Valve)
Cylinder Size (LB)Max Fill at 70 LB/ft3
Min Fill at 70 LB/ft3
DAR and IAR Cylinder Sizes for PEMALL FK-5-1-12
System Temperature: 32oF (0oC) to 130oF (54.4oC)
Operating Pressure: 195 psi  to 70oF (21.1oC)
Model Number
(DAR Head Valve)
Model Number
(IAR Head Valve)
Cylinder Size (LB)Max Fill at 70 LB/ft3
Min Fill at 70 LB/ft3
Note :
  • All cylinders are manufactured with high grade quality of Stainless Steel Grade 304 while 316L is also available upon request.
Thermal-Flex Systems are typically consists of the following:
  • Stainless Steel Cylinder Assembly
  • Head Valve Assembly
    • Direct Action Release
    • Indirect Action Release
  • Flexible Detection Tube
  • System Fittings and Accessories
  • Monitoring Devices
Multiple Controller Unit
Discharge Pipe Nozzle

Special Metal Discharge Nozzle comes in 15 & 30 Degree arrangement.

Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauge is used to monitor the internal pressure of the cylinder. They are available in two ranges : 195 psig and 240 psig.

Direct Manual Release Assembly
Direct Manual Release Assembly

The Direct Manual Release Assembly is connected from the Pneumatic Fire Detection Tube. The Direct Manual Release Assembly can also be used in place of an End-Of-Line Adapter. It can be connected to any point along the Fire Detection Tube by adding a High Pressure “T” Fitting.

End-Of-Line Adapter
End-Of-Line Adapter

The End-Of-Line Adapter is used for connecting devices such as Pressure Gauge or Pressure Switch

Fire Detection Tube

Fire Detection Tube of special Polymers that designed as Linear Heat detection or/and Flame Extinguishing. Optional metal spring guard of 1.2m to protect the tube comes in 6mm and 8 mm.

Multiple Controller Unit

Multiple Compact Control Head Valve that comes with build in pressure gauge, Manual Release knob along with provision to Direct & Indirect Connections .

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