Since the establishment of Pem System, Inc. in 1947, we have been a trusted and committed manufacturer of fire safety systems since the end of World War II. Over the years, we have grown into a reliable manufacturer of fire extinguishing systems, helping to address the increasing concerns of fire related accidents worldwide. We paved the way for the use of Clean Agent systems that effectively safeguard lives and critical assets. From the city of New Jersey, PEMALL has emerged as one of the most trusted manufacturers of fire extinguishing systems in Americas.

Firmly rooted for more than 70 years within the fire protection industry, our commitment to thrive in the areas of Research and Development led Pem System, Inc. to its acquisition by an International Corporation in 2010. Our innovation in providing the latest fire protection solutions in the market, gained us esteemed recognition as the world’s leading independent manufacturer in the fire protection industry.

After years of relentless hard work and dedication, our new trademark  “PEMALL USA”, showcases our latest innovation of superior clean agents and fire suppression systems. With the numerous fire suppression options in the market, PEMALL USA stands out by providing both quality and reliable products that are ideal for your facility, business, critical assets, and people.

PEMALL USA being an industry pioneer and leader, we offer system hardware that is manufactured entirely from Stainless Steel, allowing our fire suppression systems to withstand the harshest environments imaginable. We understand the challenges inherent in a competitive business environment and we assure that there will be minimal disruptions to your business operations and financial repercussions when a fire occurs. Your ability to recover or prevent business disruption is critical and dependent on selecting the best fire protection system and agent.

PEMALL USA continues to develop within a state-of-the-art facility that manufactures high-quality fire suppression systems, we specialize in manufacturing Clean Agents and System Components that are proven to the highest levels. Our products carry various international approvals such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listings, Factory Mutual (FM) Approval, GOST (Russian) Approvals and various European certifications and approvals such as CE and TPED, which defines PEMALL USA’s dedication in high quality products and systems. We provide extensive system solutions where our customers can acquire products and services essential to their fire protection needs.

Proven product quality, coupled with outstanding customer service, PEMALL USA’s years of success lies on the dedication and hard work of each and every member of the Company. Your safety is our top priority. Providing you a personalized customer experience, PEMALL USA has been recognized globally as the most trusted fire protection partner for our customers.


Much like a song chorus that gets stuck in your head, our slogan is simple, honest and amusing. PEMALL also serves as an acronym of  “WE PROTECT ‘EM ALL” highlighting Protect ‘EM ALL, since PROTECTING everyone and everything is our top most priority.


PEMALL USA upholds the vision of becoming a trusted leader in the fire protection industry through the development of high-grade and environment-friendly fire safety products, established technical staff excellence and efficiency in dealing with customers’ safety needs.


Our mission is to advocate the safety of lives and assets globally through manufacturing innovative and high-performing fire suppression systems. We are committed in providing solutions from unforeseen casualties in the future to secure highly-valued assets and significant lives.