PEMALL USA is committed to manufacturing superior quality cylinders from our state-of-the-art facility with the use of innovative technology and special system hardware. Manufacturing a full range of UL Listed, FM approved and meeting the American DOT, Russian GOST, and European TPED standards. PEMALL cylinders undergo stringent quality control to meet international standards on fire protection equipment. All cylinders are manufactured with high grade 304 Stainless Steel that is corrosion and oxidation resistant due to its chromium content which offers excellent durability. Our 316L Stainless Steel is available upon request wherein all are painted in Flame Red color.


PEMALL’s cylinders undergo a precise and high tech casting process that is proprietary. Precision Stainless Steel casting is an eminent method due to the sophisticated shapes it can produce which can’t be reproduced by normal methods. The core alloy elements of Stainless-Steel precision casting include MolybdenumNickel, and Chromium. These elements are valuable in the casting’s capacity to resist heat and corrosion. PEMALL Stainless steel cylinders can withstand harsh environments and corrosive atmospheres whilst providing reliability.


Our Research and Development team of highly qualified Chemists and Engineers are involved with innovating and developing new products. Our Chemical team specializes in the research of ODS substitutes while our Engineering team concentrates in the development of diverse types of pressure vessels, valves and accessories. As a manufacturer of fire suppression systems, our fire testing facility enables our products to be tested to its peak efficiency.


Our team of highly-qualified engineers provide our customers and clients full technical support from pre delivery to post installation. PEMALL Flow Calculation software is certified and adheres to the latest NFPA 2001 design requirements. We aim to design systems that are cost efficient whilst focusing on safety.